Troubleshooting articles

Operations cause bad gateway timeout errorEdmer John SarmientoMay 23, 2024
Project tree structure is missingEdmer John SarmientoFeb 07, 2024
Folder attachments disappear after restarting Jira or re-enabling R4J pluginAngelica SalazarApr 14, 2023
Poor Performance of Project TreeMarcel PatzschkeJul 18, 2022
Project activation fails due to duplicate custom field namesSupport Advocate (ease solutions)Jul 18, 2022
Bookmarks removed after export using custom Word export templateAngelica SalazarJul 18, 2022
Issues disappearing from the project treeDavid SedlockMay 02, 2022
R4J is disabled after manual upgradeMarcel PatzschkeApr 29, 2022
Coverage view's last configured column is not displaying all issue link relations for Edge and FirefoxRon B. BugayApr 29, 2022
Coverage view shows "Resource limit reached" warningBernhard DoleschelApr 01, 2022
Integrity checker stuck and infinitely loading for some timeAngelica SalazarMar 11, 2022
Embedded images in folder description no longer shownBernhard DoleschelNov 16, 2021
Project tree loading taking time due to expanded hierarchyAngelica SalazarOct 25, 2021
Word Export Error 500 NoClassDefFoundError of class ZipPackagePropertiesMarshallerAngelica SalazarOct 25, 2021
Folder and issue description in square brackets will appear in red color and new line in reading viewRon B. BugayOct 25, 2021
Requirements project tree does not load at all for some projectsAngelica SalazarOct 25, 2021
Requirements project tree infinitely loading for some usersAngelica SalazarOct 20, 2021