Embedded images in folder description no longer shown


  • You have added images into folder description fields.

  • These images are no longer visible in the detail and reading view of the folder.

  • Newly added images are shown.


Folder attachments with incorrect Base URL (possible by previous change in Jira Base URL settings or migrating Jira instances) causes embedded image do not work.
The Base URL is the part of the website address referencing your Jira system, e.g.…


Run a script

This script requires Python 3.7+.

  1. Download the script above.

  2. Configure the script. Only configure the variables indicated below:

    • Line 22-23 USERNAME and JIRAPW - REST API user auth for your Jira instance

    • Line 24 BASE_URL - Your current Jira instance's base url

    • Line 25 OLD_BASE_URL - Your old Jira instance's base url to be replaced

    • Line 40 PROJECT_KEY - Array of project keys you want to run the script in; to run in all R4J activated projects, leave empty

      • Recommended: Run script in a single project first to check if the result is what you expect

  3. To make sure the script runs, make sure “requests“ module is installed. Run the following command:

    pip install requests
  4. Run the script.


Modify URL manually

  1. Select the folder with the image not working in the reading view and edit the folder properties.

  2. On the folder’s description field, select the editors text mode.

  3. Check for the image URL: The Base URL is the first part of the shown link to the image (ex. http://local:8080/….). This is different from the current one.

  4. Update the Base URL to match your Jira URL. Simplest way is to add the image again.

  5. Switch back to visual editor mode to confirm the fix.

  6. Save the changes.


If the issue remains unresolved, please create a ticket in our support portal and provide us with a HAR file and support zip to further investigate the issue.