Sample Word Template Files

This page features a collection of sample Word template files. 

If you encounter difficulties with the templates, please visit the Word Export FAQ page or feel free to get support!

Basic Reports

♦ Requirements 

Project Tree Issues Report

Shows the usage of the "template" and "apply-template" statements and conditional display of information using the "if" statement.

Project Tree Issues Report with Mixed Item Structure
V4.17 Cloud

Shows items with the same order in the tree with mixed content of issues, folders, and pages.


Project Tree Issues Report w/ JQL statement

Shows the JQL usage in combination with the selected project and export of Wiki format issue description.


Project Tree Issues Report w/ Template statement

Shows the usage of the "template" and "apply-template" statements.


♦ Projects

Project Meta Information Report

Shows how to access subordinated context-items of a project and using the "count" context-item on context-item sequences.



Advanced Reports

♦ Baselines and Revisions

Sample Baseline Template

Shows the usage of $selectedBaseline and $baselines expressions to export Baseline and Baseline Signature context items.

The template which uses $selectedBaseline expression requires a baseline to be selected and must be exported in the Baseline Detail view.

On the other hand, the template which uses the $baselines expression can be exported from any location.

Sample Baseline Comparison Template
Data Center only V4.20

Shows the usage of $.baseline2, $.baselineIssues and $.fields context items to export the details and fields of two baselines in comparison.


Sample Revisions Template

Shows the usage of Revisions context item inside the issue context.

Baseline Issues Report

Shows a combination of $selectedBaseline with Issues Revisions context item and expression "variable".


♦ Sample use of MSWord elements with template language

Shows the usage of "key" and "url" statements to create executable hyperlinks.


Sample template with table of contents

Shows how to use table of contents in template. 

Note: When opening the exported doc file, a popup dialog appear with message: "This document contains fields that may refer to other files. Do you want to update the fields in this document?". Just click "YES" and the table of contents is automatically updated. Save the changes so that popup will not appear when you open the file again. In some cases that the word document is in "Protected View" and thus table of contents is not updated. Click "Enable Editing" for the popup to appear.


♦ Putting it all together

Advanced Report

Shows the advanced usage of the template language and generates a hierarchical Word document. 


Corporate Design Template

Shows a combination of the aforementioned techniques to demonstrate a sample "Handout" document. Works best if Project Root Folder is selected for the Export.


♦ Default Word templates

Tree Selected Issue Template

The default issue template used in the tree view.


Tree Selected Folder Template

The default issue template used in the tree view.



♦ Other templates

Tabular design

Sample designs patterned after the tabular view.