Project tree loading taking time due to expanded hierarchy


Very large project trees have some difficulties in loading the tree view. This is especially noticeable when several folders are expanded on load with “Remember Tree Selection“ enabled or when using “Expand All“. Additionally, when the tree is loading items, the context menu for any action in the tree is inaccessible and this blocks the use of the feature.


From R4J 4.4, there is an improved behavior for expanding folder and issue items when selected. Instead of infinite recursion depth, only the items immediately below are expanded when a folder or an entry in the tree is selected.

An additional workaround is to add a “reset” query parameter to the R4J URL. This parameter allows any user to reset his tree to a collapsed state and abort the expansion of a large tree structure.

Example Usage:


The &reset parameter will do the following:

  • Clear remembered tree selection and set selection to the root project folder.

  • Clear any applied filter.

  • Stop expanding operation.

  • Show tree in collapsed state.

Further improvements on the tree structure are being worked on with high priority. While this is ongoing, below are some recommendations to avoid the issue:

  • Split up large project content into different R4J trees (subprojects, just showing part of the tree).

  • Avoid expanding large tree structures or using the “Expand All“ feature.

  • Avoid reading view on large tree structures.

  • Check filter result first on Jira navigator. Modify filter to return fewer than 1000 issues.

  • In tree settings, set "Show issue tooltips in tree" and "Remember tree selection" to No.