Requirements project tree infinitely loading for some users


There is a known issue that the R4J tree view shows only the loading indicator infinitely for some users.

If your tree is not able to load the root folder (project name) and is stuck with a dark loading overlay, you might be looking for the following troubleshooting guide:


Workaround #1: Reset Parameter

If you’re using R4J version 4.4 up, use the &reset parameter – read more.

  1. Go to your requirements project

  2. Add the reset query parameter to the URL

Example Usage:


Workaround #2: Configuration Modifications

  1. Go to your requirements project

  2. Clear any Jira or JQL filter used in your requirements project tree.

  3. Reload the page.

  4. If the issue persists, kindly go to the next step.

  5. Select the project name (root folder) in tree view.

  6. On the R4J navigation on the top right, click on Settings to open the tree settings dialog.

  7. In the tree settings dialog, set Remember tree selection to Yes, click on Save (even when this was the option’s original configuration).

  8. Toggle Remember tree selection to No, click on Save.

  9. Reload the page.

If the issue remains unresolved by the workarounds provided, please create a ticket in our support portal and provide us with a HAR file and support zip to further investigate the issue.