Poor Performance of Project Tree


The project tree behaves sluggishly.


The performance of the project tree is influenced by the following factors:

  • the version of R4J

  • the choice of browser

  • the number of issues in open (i.e. expanded) folders

Only issues visible to the user influence (i.e. issues in open folders) affect performance. Issues in closed folders do not have a major impact on performance.

R4J Version

Newer versions of R4J have improved tree performance. We recommend upgrading to 4.7.1 or higher.

Browser choice

To achieve optimal performance, use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. Microsoft Edge is slightly less performant than Firefox and Chrome.

Avoid Microsoft Internet Explorer, since it is no longer supported by Jira.

Number of issues in open folders

The number of issues in the project tree that are contained in open folders impacts the performance, since the browser needs to handle all the elements locally with client CPU and memory. Our recommendation for large projects is to use folders to group related requirements and avoid putting a large number of issues in a single folder.

R4J does not limit the number of issues in a single folder, but please be aware that putting thousands of requirements in a single folder will probably impact performance negatively when the folder is opened.