Migrating coverage view saved filters


After upgrading to R4J - Requirements Management for Jira version 4.x from 3.x, all coverage views have disappeared.

From R4J 4.0.0, major architectural changes in the coverage views have been applied.
Due to this, all saved coverage views must be migrated manually to the new coverage services when upgrading to R4J 4.x.x from any version older than 4.0.0.

Migrate Filters

To migrate coverage view saved filters,

  • Go to add-on administration

  • Select R4J - Requirements Management for Jira > Migrate Filters

  • Click on Migrate

  • Follow instructions on the screen

The migration may take a while depending on the number of saved coverage view filters you have.

From R4J 4.3.0, the filter migration interface has been improved to show the progress of migration and include some statistics once migration is finished.
Should there be any errors in migrating a filter, these will be logged on the screen for faster tracing in the following format: “[pid: xxxxx, fid: xxxxx] Filter Name” where pid = project id, fid: filter id

Troubleshooting articles

Below are some guides to solve some known issues with the migration and upgrade:

For further assistance on coverage filter migrations, feel free to contact our support team!