R4J Custom Fields


R4J creates certain custom field types in order to allow R4J specific information to be displayed in standard Jira views. This information is also available in R4J Word and Excel export templates. We explain here the steps that a Jira administrator needs to take to add make the fields available in Jira.

Enabling R4J custom fields in Jira

The procedure for a Jira Administrator to create and add R4J fields in Jira is exactly the same as the procedure for any other custom fields:

  • A custom field of the desired type must first be created.

  • The custom field must then be added to the Field Configurations that are used by R4J enabled projects.

For further information, see Configuring Fields.

We recommend that you add the fields to the field blacklist to avoid unwanted information in the revision history.

R4J Custom Field Types

Field Type


Field Type


R4J Issue Revision

Provides the current R4J revision number of the issue (read-only).

R4J Suspect

Indicates if a suspect configuration rule has marked the issue as suspect (read-only).

This custom field is automatically created when at least one suspect configuration is active and a suspect mark is set for any R4J project.
Deleting the custom field while there are still active suspect configurations will re-create the custom field.