Managing Assessment Criteria


Assessment criteria help users to better understand the field values in the different views of easeRisk for Jira, such as the Risk Matrix and Risk Register. This help is available via small info icons next to the risk field column headers.

Each Assessment criteria is associated with a field and contains a free text description and an optional link to an external reference for more details.

To manage Assessment Criteria:

  • Go to Jira navigation> Risks > Risk Schemes under Administration.

  • Select Edit for the desired scheme.

  • Select the Assessment Criteria tab.



The Jira field associated with the assessment criteria.


Information about the field for the user. This is multiline text, up to 450 characters in length.

Documentation link

A URL to an external information source (e.g. a link to a Confluence page). This link can be followed by the user to get more details about the field values. The maximum length of the URL is 450 characters.






Create Assessment Criteria

  • Select Add Assessment Criteria.

  • Select the associated field.

  • Provide a description and optionally a URL.

  • Select Save.

Edit Assessment Criteria

  • Select Edit for the desired criteria.

  • Modify the desired options.

  • Select Save.

Delete Assessment Criteria

  • Select Delete for the desired criteria.

  • Confirm deletion.