easeRisk for Jira

easeRisk - Risk Management for Jira Data Center Documentation

easeRisk is a Jira add-on that extends Jira with the features of an enterprise risk management solution. 
This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you take full advantage of the features of easeRisk.


easeRisk empowers businesses with comprehensive support in identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks. By utilizing systematic analysis of uncertainties, threats, and opportunities, organizations can make informed decisions and implement suitable measures. Additionally, easeRisk provides a range of reporting functions and an integrated formula editor for efficient risk management.

Key elements in a risk management process that are supported by easeRisk:

  • Risk register for a seamless Risk assessment and Risk identification processes

  • Tracking of Risk mitigations / Risk measures inside of the Risk register

  • Risk matrix and top risks reports

  • Program risk management and Portfolio risk management

  • Risk calculations

Key Features

  • Risk Register - Identify, assess, and monitor risks using the Risk Register

  • Risk Matrix - Present and monitor risks on a 2-dimensional matrix

  • Risk Boards - Manage and visualize risks from different projects to support portfolio and program risk management

  • Risk Formulas - Implement automatic calculation of risk metrics using formulas.


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