Top Risks Report


The Top Risks Report displays a sorted table similar to the Risk Register. The report allows the user to select an interesting field, typically one which represents a high or low-risk rating. The provided table can be ordered ascending or descending with a result limit. A column selector allows you to focus on the important values, which can be exported.

To open the Top Risk Report, take one of the following steps:

  • For an individual project:

    • Go to the project and select the menu item Risk Management in the left panel.

    • Select Reports > Top Risks.

  • For multiple projects gathered together in a Risk Board:

    • Select the Risks entry in the Jira main navigation bar and select the board by name. If the board’s name does not appear under Recent Boards, then select View All Boards and select the board name from that list.

    • Select Reports > Top Risks.

The operations in the Top Risks Report are explained in the table below.






Sort risks based on a risk field

  • Select the Field from the dropdown.

  • The sorting is influenced by Order.

  • Limit the results displayed using the Max Results control.

Select columns of risk and measure tables

  • Select Columns in the menu item above the right side of the risk table.

  • Complete the Columns dialog to specify the columns to be displayed in the risk and measure tables.

Display the measures associated with a risk

  • Select the “>” icon to expand the display of a risk to show the associated measures.

  • Select the “v” icon to collapse the display.

Display one risk or measure in Jira detail view

  • Click the Jira issue key, hold the shift- or control-key to open the view in on a new window or tab.

Display all risks in the Jira Issue Navigator

  • Select the link Show in Jira issue navigator above the table.

Refresh risks and measures

  • Click on the Refresh button above the table.

Export risks to Excel

  • Select Export in the menu item above the right side of the risk table.

  • The Excel export includes risks and measures, considering the selected columns.

Top Risk History Graph

The Top Risk History graph is a line graph which shows how a selected Field value changes for your top risks through a selected period of time.

The graph is shown below the top risk table and automatically updates everytime the risk table data changes.

The x-axis shows the time interval, while the y-axis is generated based on the values of the Field selected in the top risk report. Each line in the graph represents a risk.






Change the time interval

  • On the top left of the graph, select the length of time you want to visualize for the selected Field.
    This could be by the Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

Show or hide lines

  • The graph shows a legend of the risk data displayed. Each line has a color and issue summary associated to it displayed in the legend.

  • Toggle on the color or summary of the line you want to show or hide. It will be striked-through in the legend when hidden.