Create Scheduled Adding of Issues


Create jobs for scheduled adding issues

The following script will create automatic issue import configurations.

In this example, the code will create a scheduled adding job for issues that contains the text "Login_UI_req" in summary field and store in the folder with the id 302.

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def create_scheduled_job(host_url, username, password, project_key, job_name, folder_id, jql_or_filter, interval):
    This method allows the creation of jobs for the scheduled adding of existing issues
    Query parameters:
    [project_key] the project key
    Query parameters:
    [job_name] the name of the scheduled job
    [folder_id] the folder id of the tree folder
    [filter] the JQL or JIRA filter
    [interval] the time interval in minutes

    # The REST API path to allow the creation of jobs for the scheduled adding of existing issues
    path_uri = '/rest/com.easesolutions.jira.plugins.requirements/1.0/tree/' + project_key + '/createscheduledjob?'

    # The field-value pair/s for the query string of the URI
    job_name_field_value = 'name=' + job_name
    folder_id_field_value = '&folderId=' + folder_id
    filter_field_value = '&filter=' + jql_or_filter
    interval_field_value = '&interval=' + interval

    # The query string to be added to the URI
    query_string = job_name_field_value + folder_id_field_value + filter_field_value + interval_field_value

    # Send a POST request to allow the creation of jobs for the scheduled adding of existing issues
    # Return the result of the POST request
        return + path_uri + query_string,
                             auth=HTTPBasicAuth(username, password))
    except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
        print e
# ['SC'] the project key parameter where the scheduled adding job will be added
# ['Login UI Req'] job name parameter of the scheduled adding job
# ['302'] folder id parameter of the folder where the issues will be added
# ['summary ~ "Login_UI_req"'] the JQL parameter to use to get the issues
# ['2'] interval parameter in minutes
# Store the result of the POST request to [response]
response = create_scheduled_job(HOST_URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD, 'SC', 'Login UI Req', '302',
                                'summary ~ "Login_UI_req"', '2')

# Check response if scheduled job is created
if response.status_code == 201:
    print response.text
    print 'Error code: ', response.status_code
    print response.text

Refer to Constant variable for information of the following constant variable: [HOST_URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD]

Rule Login UI Req has been successfully created