The Requirements for JIRA REST API is an interface to access the plugin functionality programatically.
This allows another application to interact with Requirements for JIRA.

The functions of Requirements for JIRA can be accessed through endpoints with a specific URI path.
For almost every function of the plugin a corresponding endpoint exists.

In order to use the REST API your application simply needs to make HTTP requests to the endpoints and parse the corresponding JSON response.

After authenticating your application with the JIRA instance you can start making requests to the REST API endpoints.

The following pages serve as reference for the individual endpoints.
For each endpoint the following details are specified:

  • The corresponding URI to access the endpoint
  • A short description of the resource
  • The necessary parameters for a request to this endpoint
    (info) Required parameters are indicated by *
  • An example response to a successful request


To access the REST API the application needs to authenticate.
The REST API supports the same authentication methods JIRA does.
This includes basic HTTP authentication, cookie-based authentication and authentication via OAuth.
Examples regarding the different authentication methods can be found within the JIRA REST API Tutorials.

Most Requirements for JIRA endpoints require proper Jira permissions and versions.



Your license is invalid or has expired

Incompatible JIRA Version


Invalid user credentials

The user hasn't got permission to use the Requirements for JIRA plugin

URI Structure

The REST API endpoints provided by Requirements for JIRA are accessible via HTTP. 
The following standard HTTP methods can be used for requests:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

Which methods are supported by the specific enpoint is stated in the corresponding reference.

All endpoints are located on your JIRA instance and can be accessed via URI paths.
These URI paths have the following structure:


The current api-version is: "1.0".
The full name or path of a resource can be found in the corresponding endpoint reference.

Response Format

The response to a Requirements for JIRA - REST API request is always a single JSON object.
The structure of the JSON response is different for each endpoint. An example response can be found in the reference for each endpoint.

REST API Browser

The Atlassian REST API Browser allows you to browse through the available REST APIs for your JIRA instance.
This includes the REST API of the Requirements for JIRA plugin.

The REST API Browser provides detailed information for each endpoint similar to this reference.
It also allows you to make test requests against each of the provided methods and displays the corresponding response.

If you are a developer and using the Atlassian Plugin SDK the REST API Browser is already part of your application instance.
Otherwise the REST API Browser can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace as JIRA Server plugin.

To access the REST API browser you have to be logged in as JIRA administrator.
The REST API Browser can be found in the Administration section

  • either on the System page in the Advanced section of the sidebar
  • or in the sidebar of the Add-ons page