Get Requirement version


Get Requirements version

The following script will get the version of the Requirements installed.

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def get_requirements_version(host_url, username, password):
    This method is used to get R4J version

    # The REST API path to get R4J version
    path_uri = '/rest/com.easesolutions.jira.plugins.requirements/1.0/version'

    # Send a GET request to get R4J version
    # Return the result of the GET request
		return requests.get(host_url + path_uri, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(username, password))
	except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
    	print e
# Store the result of the GET request to [response]
response = get_requirements_version(HOST_URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD)

# Check response if R4J version is returned
if response.status_code == 200:

    # Print the JSON response of the GET request
    print response.text

    print 'Error code: ', response.status_code
    print response.text

Refer to Constant variable for information of the following constant variable: [HOST_URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD]