Requirements Management for Jira Cloud enables administrators to manage the configuration options of R4J components by going to the R4J section at Apps > Manage your apps > Configuration.

To be able to quickly configure your instance, we have added a new “Get Started” wizard, located in the R4J section at Apps > Manage your apps > Getting Started.

Configuration Reference

R4J Configuration Option


R4J Configuration Option


Folder Issue Type

Select the Jira issue type to be used for folders in the project tree hierarchy. See Specify Folder Issue Type.


Use the toggle to enable or disable permission checking using the configured R4J project permission.
Note: Before you enable the restriction you need to configure the necessary permissions in the Jira permission schemes.

Coverage Percentage Formula

Select the formula to be used for computing the Coverage completeness value.

Administration Permissions

Select users/jira groups that can administer R4J.