Activate Projects


Requirements Management for Jira Cloud works with your existing Jira projects. To use the R4J features, you must activate and enable the project by either of the following:

  1. As a Jira Administrator, go to the R4J section at Apps > Manage your apps > Activate Projects.

  2. As an administrator of R4J, go to the R4J sidebar > Settings > Activate Projects.






Activate Jira projects for R4J

Select one or more projects from the dropdown in the Activate Projects page and then select Activate.

Deactivate a Jira project for R4J

Select the [x] button of the project you want to deactivate. This opens the Deactivate Project dialog. Select Deactivate to proceed.

Deactivating a project removes R4J project data permanently, which includes the tree structure, saved coverage and traceability views, revisions and baselines, and R4J-specific project configurations. Think twice before you do this!

Enable or Disable an activated project

Use the toggle on the left side of the project key to enable or disable an activated project.

Disabling a project only prevents the use of R4J features for the project, but retains existing R4J data.

Navigate to an activated project

Select the project row in the project table list to navigate to the project page.