Specify Folder Issue Type

The folders used to organize requirements in the project tree are themselves Jira issues with their own type. The issue type to be used for folders is determined by the Jira administrator. Issues of the folder type have additional functionality in R4J:

  • The folder contents can be displayed in the Reading View mode.

  • The display of the issues included in a folder can be collapsed or expanded.

  • Aggregate values of certain fields (e.g. count of states and types) for the issues contained in the folder are provided.

To specify the folder issue type, go to the R4J section section in Manage apps > Configuration and specify the Jira issue type for the option “Folder Issue Type”.

  • The selected folder issue type must be associated with the Issue Type Scheme of projects activated for R4J.

  • R4J overrides the issue type icon for the Folder for the sake of a consistent tree view appearance.