R4J Data Center

We are currently preparing to be listed as a Data Center approved app.
Customers who use Jira Data Center editions will be required to upgrade their license to the Data Center version once published.
AdministrationREQ-6776BugfixFix for R4J Settings in JIRA Project Administration ending in a dead link
AdministrationREQ-6797BugfixFix for Baseline Edit permissions taking no effect
Coverage ViewREQ-6810BugfixFix for "Create new linked issue" in coverage view using wrong relationship type
Coverage ViewREQ-6853BugfixPossibility to add Xray Teststeps via "Create new linked issue" in Coverage View
ExportREQ-6703BugfixFix for Image display problem in word export wiki description
ExportREQ-6755BugfixFix for content rendering on missing lines caused by image wiki tags
Tabular ViewREQ-6290New FeatureNew option to view tree folder content in a tabular view (See this page for further details)
Traceability ViewREQ-6739BugfixFix for some display issues in the traceability view
Tree ViewREQ-6762New FeatureAbility to create empty baselines. User will be prompted before creating empty baselines
Tree ViewREQ-6898BugfixFix for a null pointer exception
Tree ViewREQ-6712BugfixFix for some symbols in folder name causing page submit to hang
REST APIREQ-6537New Feature

Ability to create empty baselines in the following endpoints:



REST APIREQ-6828New Feature

Possibility to use old endpoint to create a coverage view: