Reading View


The reading view displays the items in a tree folder in a format designed for convenient reading. To access the view, select a folder or an issue in the tree and then select the Reading View icon.

The reading view displays images inline, both in requirements and folders. You can attach images to requirements or folders and add links in their descriptions to achieve this.


Open detail view

Select the issue key of a requirement to open the detail view. If a requirement is included in multiple project trees, one of them is selected first.

Context menu

Right-click on a folder or issue header to show the context menu which provides the same options provided in the tree view.


Display Fields

By default, the reading view displays the key, summary, and description of requirements. To add additional fields select the desired fields in the Display Fields dropdown and confirm the selection with the Display button. The selection of fields is saved for the user and applied from now on.

Since the reading view may display issues from various projects with different fields and permission schemes, values for fields with project-specific permission restrictions or which do not exist for some issues are not displayed.


The summary and description of requirements, as well as the description of folders, can be edited inline in the reading view. Changes applied to items in the reading view are saved automatically when navigating away from the field. Additionally, changes can be saved or cancelled explicitly through the Save and Cancel buttons.