Coverage Statistics for Jira


Coverage Statistics for Jira is an R4J dashboard gadget that displays how completely a project’s requirements are covered as a bar chart.

Add the gadget to a dashboard

  • Go to an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard by selecting Dashboards in the Jira navigation bar.

  • On the dashboard, select Add Gadget.

  • In the gadget wizard, select Load all gadgets.

  • Search for “Coverage Statistics for Jira” and add it to the dashboard.

Configure the gadget

Use the following options to configure the gadget:

Coverage Picker

Determine the content of the gadget:

  • First select a project from the list of R4J enabled projects.

  • Then select a saved coverage filter from that project.

Show percentage inside bars

Choose how to display completeness:

  • Yes: The values are displayed inside the bars of the bar graph.

  • No: The values are displayed as tooltips.

Refresh Interval  

Decide often you want the gadget to update the graph.