Due to major architectural changes in the coverage view, some manual steps are required after upgrading the add-on to R4J 4.0.0. See more below

There are breaking changes to the REST api due to the move of the coverage into a separate service. All functions affecting the coverage view have their endpoint changed and need to be adjusted in external scripts.


R4J 4.0 brings a completely overhauled experience with better performance, layout adjustments and added functionality for the tree view and coverage view.

Finally you can add Confluence pages directly into your requirement tree and display it like a requirement. 

Upgrade Procedure

Saved coverage views must be migrated manually to the new coverage services after upgrade of R4J 4.0.0 from any older version.

  • Go to add-on administration
  • Select R4J - Requirements Management for Jira > Migrate Filters
  • Follow instructions on the screen

Change Log

AdministrationREQ-6286BugfixProject administrator is now able to set R4J project permissions (instead of system administrator)
AdministrationREQ-6241ImprovementBetter logging if reuse error occurs
AdministrationREQ-5522ImprovementBetter logging if baseline creation error occurs
AdministrationREQ-4869ImprovementNew project permission "Ability to export Coverage and Traceability Matrix View"
BaselineREQ-6285ImprovementAttachment information is now available in the baseline
BaselineREQ-4192ImprovementLinked issues are now included in the baseline
Coverage ViewREQ-6375BugfixPossibility to set a maximum limit for coverage results to prevent breaking when filter is too wide
Coverage ViewREQ-6093ImprovementPossibility to modify the coverage-template to add the description field to coverage export
Coverage ViewREQ-6031ImprovementBlacklisted fields can now be added to the coverage view
Coverage ViewREQ-5765ImprovementIssue type selection in "Link Existing Issues" is now a multi-select in the coverage view
Coverage ViewREQ-4832ImprovementJira administrators can define Excel export templates for coverage view
Coverage ViewREQ-4411ImprovementImproved performance in coverage view
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-6190BugfixResolved issues are now shown in strike-through formatting to match Jira layout
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-5994ImprovementNew design for the trace graph has been implemented
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-5892ImprovementUsers can now delete attachments in the requirement detail view
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-5354New FeatureIt is now possible to display test steps from T4J - Test Management for Jira in the requirement detail view
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-5238ImprovementLink to R4J tree view in the "Linked Issues" section for easier navigation
Requirement Detail ViewREQ-4545ImprovementIssue links to Confluence pages are now shown in the requirement detail view
Jira Issue Detail ViewREQ-4994ImprovementRequirements Tab in the Jira issue view restructured for a better overview
REST APIREQ-5442ImprovementNew REST API endpoint to create a baseline based on JQL statement
REST APIREQ-5288New FeatureExisting REST API endpoint to create scheduled task updated to add parameter for manual run only
ReuseREQ-5972BugfixIf a filter is applied to the tree, then the reuse will now consider this correctly
Scheduled ImportREQ-5433ImprovementIt is now possible to add existing issues to issues (not only to folders)
Tree ViewREQ-6189BugfixSpecial characters are now supported for project name
Tree ViewREQ-5977ImprovementAdditional fields can now be displayed in the reading view
Tree ViewREQ-5378BugfixURL link to child requirement with applied filter is now possible
Tree ViewREQ-4940ImprovementAdded a new "Bulk Change" context menu entry if multi items are selected in the Tree View
Tree ViewREQ-4856New FeatureConfluence pages can now be linked and displayed in R4J
Word Template ExportREQ-6101BugfixPage breaks in export template are considered
Word Template ExportREQ-5956ImprovementImages in exports are now displayed in a optimized format
Word Template ExportREQ-5583New FeatureNew context item "item" for word template export available
Word Template ExportREQ-5582New FeatureNew context item "path" for word template export available
Word Template ExportREQ-5436BugfixNo unwanted spaces in exported file output