The context is now checked to copy the correct number of related items.

Example: Several Elements linked to the same issue with the same linktype.
When copying with "Include related items" it is considered if the related item is the same for the elements to be copied, so that the related item will be copied only once.

R4J Tree ViewREQ-5556BugfixFixed a bug where the delete dialog for the last selected item opened when you pressed the delete key, even though you are in JQL editing mode when filtering in the tree.
GeneralREQ-5563BugfixIt is now possible for users to use filters shared with "All logged in users"
Template Export

REQ-5573BugfixIt is now possible to use the Statement $.path inside a variable
REQ-5574BugfixIt is now possible to use statements with variables inside jql Export tag
REQ-5771BugfixA bug was fixed that displayed the message "This document contains fields that may refer to other files.", although it was not necessary.

Fixed behavior of requirementsPath JQL function if project name contains quotation marks.
Escaping works now properly.

Example: Project with name Sample "A" can be queried with:
issue in requirementsPath("Sample \"A\"")

Coverage ViewREQ-5766BugfixIf several issuety types are selected as the source in the coverage view configuration, the issuetype is set according to the first entry in the configuration for "Create linked issue"
REQ-5798BugfixActive tree folder filter is considered when saving the coverage view
REST APIREQ-5759BugfixUppercase and lowercase letters are now preserved for the label name when creating a coverage view using the REST API