Comparison Tool


The Comparison Tool provides a way to compare the fields of different requirements as well as their different revisions. In certain cases, it also provides a way to quickly copy values between requirements. The tool is available in different parts of the user interface, depending on the purpose with which it is invoked.



How to invoke


How to invoke

Compare different revisions of the same requirement.

Open the Revisions section of the requirement and select the check boxes of two requirements. The tool opens immediately.

Compare the current state of a requirement with the current state of a linked requirement.

Open the Issue Links section of the requirement and select Compare in the desired link.

Compare the current states or any revisions of different requirements.

Select the item Issue Comparison in the R4J dropdown menu and then select the two desired issues in the resulting dialog. The tool opens comparing the current state of each issue. The Revision dropdowns can then be used to select other revisions.


Show changes only

Select this option to hide fields that have the same value.


Select this option to render fields configured with “Wiki Renderer“, instead of wiki markup.

Text diffs, the red and green highlight on exact character changes, are disabled for RTE fields when using visual mode. Images are displayed with a placeholder for past revisions and baselined revisions, since Jira and R4J do not track attachment history.

Display fields

Use this dropdown to select the fields for comparison. (The selection is not retained after closing the tool.)

Copying values between requirements

In the case of comparing different requirements, you can easily copy the values of fields between the requirements using the arrow icons in the middle of each row. This is especially useful if a requirement has been copied and the fields of the original issue should be updated with the values of a copy (or vice-versa).

Copying values is only allowed if the current revision of at least one requirement is selected. If the current revisions of both requirements are selected, values can be freely copied back and forth between them.