Latest Updates on R4J Cloud

R4J Cloud June Releases

June 13, 2024

Word Export

FIX Added the following fix:

  1. EASE-19009: Fixed bug where “wiki“ statement when combined with a newline the statements after the newline are not exported.

  2. EASE-17766: Fixed bug where “wiki“ statement used with comments inside a table uses the table color.


June 3, 2024

Word Export

FIX Added the following fix:

  1. EASE-18664, EASE-18955: Fixed bug where the description is not exported when the “selectedItem“ expression is used.

  2. EASE-18640, EASE-18779, EASE-18814, EASE-18819, EASE-18848, EASE-19009, EASE-19083: Fixed bug where “wiki“ statement is not working when combined with other statements.

  3. EASE-18628: Fixed bug where the export does not work if retrieving the value of the custom field is not added in an “each“ statement.

  4. EASE-18709: Fixed bug where export returns an empty file when multiple comments are added to an issue.

Excel Export

FIX Added the following fix:

  1. EASE-18848: Fixed bug where [[$]] issue property does not return a value.


R4J Cloud April Releases

April 24, 2024

Detail View

NEW EASE-13784: Now enables users to view all the issues that are added as children of the selected issue in the configured Jira issue hierarchy.

NEW Users of the “Copy source field content“ in the create linked issue dialog, will no longer need to input the same fields again when operating twice.

FIX EASE-18485: Fixed infinite loading in revision compare to when the changelog has a different format.

Tabular View

NEWEASE-17904: Value of “Status“ field is now displayed the way Jira displays it.


NEWUsers with no Jira administration permission can now activate or add custom templates if granted R4J administration permission. Refer to Configuration .


NEW EASE-16525, EASE-17285, EASE-17667: Now enabled users to share baseline or baseline compare information via export.

Currently, the template used in the baseline export is not configurable.

NEW EASE-18124: Multi-line fields (e.g Description) can now be displayed as readable text (Jira rendering).

Word Export

FIX Added the following fix:

  1. EASE-18640, EASE-18634, EASE-18659, EASE-18666: Fixed issue where the description is not exported when “wiki” tag is added inside a table in the template.

  2. EASE-18634: Added support for Unicode characters to be exported in word. (e.g. š Latin Small Letter S with Caron is exported as Å )

Tree View

FIX EASE-18375: Fixed error displayed when reading view is selected and the tree is filtered.


FIX EASE-18375: Fixed issue where some issues are not copied when the tree is filtered.


IMPROVED Memory handling during operations that need to download attachments of an issue to prevent high-memory usage for R4J.