Latest Updates on R4J Cloud

October 11, 2023

Tabular View

NEW Added option for user to view details of issue in tabular form. See Tabular View

Link Graph

NEW Added easier way for users to visualize link relations of issues.

New feature can be accessed via:

  1. Linked issues section in R4J Detail View

  2. Coverage cell in Coverage View

  3. Actions menu in Jira Detail View

Coverage View

FIX EASE-17807, EASE-17844: Fixed issue where horizontal scroll bar disappears for large views.

Baseline Compare

FIX EASE-17667: Fixed issue where a change is displayed even if the issue does not contain any changes.

September 11, 2023

Advanced Search - Baseline

NEW Extension of Jira Query Language (JQL): User can now search for issues in a R4J baseline using a new issue property “r4jBaseline“ in the query. See the wiki to understand the syntax of the query.

September 7, 2023

General - Navigation

NEW EASE-16716: Open an issue in Jira issue view directly from the issue key.

Click on the link icon that shows on the top right of an issue key link on hover.

General - Field inline edit

IMPROVED Added more field types that support inline editing in R4J detail and reading view.

Word Export

IMPROVED EASE-16909: Allow to upload macro enabled MS Word templates (*.docm files)


FIX EASE-15710: Added fix to issue where an incorrect value of “isFolder” property is returned when target project is a team-managed project.