Enabling Confluence Integration


R4J provides a feature that allows users to include links to Confluence pages in the project requirements tree. Two preconditions must be satisfied to use this feature:

  • There is an “application link” between the Jira and Confluence instances. For more about application links see Application Links.

  • The permission to add Confluence pages is enabled in R4J. This is a global setting and therefore applies to all projects.

Enabling the permission to add Confluence pages

To enable or disable this permission, you must be logged in as a Jira Administrator. Select the Jira administration icon > Manage apps. In the section R4J - Requirements Management for Jira, select Permissions. (Keyboard shortcut: enter ‘.' and start typing 'Permissions'.)

In the entry “Allow to add Confluence pages”, select the option Yes to enable the permission or No to disable it.

Disabling the permission does not remove any already created links. They continue to exist with full functionality.