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To support requirements management, R4J adds certain features to the Jira issue view:

  • extra activity tabs

  • custom fields

Table of Contents

Activity Tabs

R4J adds two items to the activity tabs of Jira


issues that are included in the trees of projects activated for R4J:

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Issue Graph

This tab


displays a graph of the links between the


requirement and other requirements. Nodes displayed with a + can be expanded to show their links to other requirements or issues. You can zoom in and out of the graph, as well as drag the nodes around to achieve a better display.


This tab shows


the location of the requirement in the trees of the projects in which it appears. Child requirements are also shown along with their status.

Custom Fields

R4J provides a number of custom field types that can be used for custom fields.

The custom fields must first be configured by the Jira administrator before they can appear in Jira issues - see R4J Custom Fields. The administrator is free to choose whatever names suit the organization best. The names given in the table are recommended but not mandatory.

Custom Field Name

Custom Field Type


R4J Paths

R4J Path

This field shows the paths of the requirement in the project trees in which it appears. The paths are links that can be followed directly to the parent folder of the requirement in the given project tree.

R4J Num Revisions

R4J Issue Revision

This field provides the number of revisions of the requirement, with the first state of requirement counted as 1. For example, if a requirement has been revised twice since it was created, the number of revisions is 3.

R4J Suspect Change

R4J Suspect

This field contains a description of the last change that triggered a suspect logic rule involving the requirement.

The fields are not available for queries, but they can be used as display columns in the issue navigator.