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Comment: R4JC-5258


Access R4J Cloud REST API Endpoints with an R4J API Token.

As an administrator, you can manage R4J API Tokens for users by going to the R4J section at Apps > Manage your apps > API Tokens in the R4J sectionToken.

As a user, you can manage R4J API Tokens by going to Your profile and settings > R4J - API Token.

Jira endpoints must be accessed with Jira API Tokens. The Latest Updates removes remove existing R4J - API Tokens.

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Create an API Token

Click on the Create API Token button to generate a new API token for the selected user. Indicate a label for the token and click on the “Copy“ button once it’s generated.


API Tokens generated are only displayed once. When the dialog is closed, it cannot be retrieved and a new one must be generated. Make sure to copy and save your API Token securely.

A maximum of 5 API Tokens per user can be created.

Re-installing or updating the R4J App will invalidate all existing API Tokens. This is a rule enforced by Atlassian.

Revoke an API Token

Click on Revoke to permanently revoke access for the selected API Token.

Revoke all API Tokens

Click on Revoke All API Tokens to permanently revoke access to all API Tokens.


Only available to administrators.