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R4J supports different forms of requirements reuse via the copy and paste operation. This works also for any kind of issue type, not only for requirements.

  • Copy folders only: If you have a good folder structure in one project, or in part of a project, you can copy that structure to a different project or to a different part of the same project.

  • Copy folders and include issues: If you have some requirements in one project that are valid as is in other projects, you can include them in the other projects. Any folders in the selected items are copied to the target projects, but the requirements themselves are not copied, and changes in the requirements are immediately visible in the other projects.

  • Copy folders and issues: If you have some requirements in one project that are valid in other projects, or in a different folder of the same project, but may require subsequent changes independently of the original requirements, you can copy them to the other projects or within the project. The requirements are then separate from each other and changes in the original requirements are not reflected in the copied requirements.

Table of Contents

Reuse issues dialog

When copied items are pasted, the Reuse Issues dialog appears, in which a choice between the different forms of requirements reuse is made and additional options are selected.


R4J administrators can create configurations of these options as Predefined Rules. If such rules have been defined, you may select one in the Reuse Issues dialog. Or you can instead select Manual Configuration.

After setting the options and selecting Paste, the Reuse Status appears. After the operation is finished the results are displayed. Error messages are shown in case of failures resulting from incompatible project configurations (e.g. a field selected for copying doesn’t exist in the target project).


The paste operation is executed in the background, so closing the dialog after confirmation does not cancel it.

Reuse options



Create folders only

Select Yes to create folder structure without issues.

Create new issues

Select Yes to copy the issues as new issues in the target project.

This No option is only enabled if the target is in a different project.

Create links to new issues

Select Yes to create links are created in the source issues pointing to the copied issues.

Fields to copy

The fields to be copied to the new issues are specified here.

Mandatory fields (like the Summary field) are always copied.


Due to the possibility of incompatible project configurations, care needs to be taken in selecting the fields to copy. To be successful, the selected fields must be in the View Screen of the source project and in the Create Screen of the target project. In the case of system fields with project specific values (e.g. Fix Version/s, Component/s), values missing in the target project are created but in the case of custom fields with project specific values, the copy operation fails.

Copy attachments

Select Yes to copy attachments.

Copy sub-tasks and issues in epics

Select Yes to copy sub-tasks and issues in epics.
🖥️ The following video explains this option in more detail: Requirements Management for Jira: Include Issues Under Epic in Reuse.

Copy directly linked issues

Select Yes to copy all issues with the specified link type to the target project. The issues will be created in the target project even if they are not included in the items that were selected.

If the option “Add copied related items to target tree” is enabled, the copies of the issues linked to the source issues are placed in the target project tree. If the issues are in folders or issues that are also copied, the copies are placed there. If the issues are in folders or issues that are not copied, they are placed in the same folders as the source issues.

If the option “Add copied related items to target tree” is not enabled, the issues linked to the source issues are simply copied to the target project, without being placed in the project tree.

Copy child requirements

Select Yes to copy child requirements.

Reuse restrictions

SELECTED items for reuse

Target is ISSUE

Target is FOLDER

Target is PAGE




✅ (Cut & Paste only)

Issues and folders

Pages with issues and/or folders