R4J MS Excel Plugin


The R4J add-in for Microsoft Excel allows you to work with your JIRA issues in Excel. You can download, modify, create, compare and upload your issue data.

When upgrading from our legacy add-in (before version 3.2.0) you will have to manually uninstall the previous versions since the installers are not compatible.
Follow the steps described for Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11 about how to uninstall the program "Office to Jira integration".


Before installing the add-in, all instances of Excel must be closed.


You will need the latest Microsoft Visual Studio for Office Runtime (VSTO 4.0) from Microsoft installed on your PC. It can be downloaded directly from Microsoft here.


There is not differentiation between Office 32 and 64 bit installation any more, below installer works on both setups.

Latest Installer: R4J_Excel_4.1.0-651-combined.msi 
Release notes: Excel Addin 4.1

BETA-Version: R4J_Excel_4.2.0-713-combined.msi
Release notes: Excel Addin 4.2


Quick Start

The add-in will add a new ribbon tab, "JIRA", to your Excel interface.


If the new ribbon tab is not visible, please follow these steps.





Connection Settings

Before working with your issues, the connection to JIRA must be configured first. To do so, select the option Settings and enter your JIRA URL, username and password. With Save as... you can setup connections to different Jira servers.



  • Jira Personal Access Token: Alternative option to connect to Jira via Personal access token (after Jira 8.14)

  • Save password/tokens: Stores your password encrypted in a save location

  • Show changed values as Excel comments: Shows found differences (of Check button) as comment content.

  • Show Issue Key column as hyperlink: Enables Issue Key to hyperlink into Jira instance

  • Write Debug Logs: Store send and received messages in log file, to analyze communication issues. Mouse over to retrieve location of log file.

  • Maximum number of comments per issues: Number of latest comments downloaded from Jira when using the "Comments" field, 0 (zero) retrieves all comments



Afterwards, you can extract issues with the Load Data option and upload them with the Upload Data option. See the user guide.




Security considerations

The communication between our Excel Plugin and Jira on your instance works via REST API communication. This way of communication is end-to-end encrypted when the user enters a HTTPS Jira link in the settings. The used encryption can be defined in your Jira instance, see https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/how-to-modify-the-ssl-tls-version-jira-uses-for-outbound-connections-1064093000.html for more details.

If the user select the “Remember Me” option in settings for the instance, the account´s password is stored encrypted on the local computer in the settings file. You can find the settings.json file at the folder

%appdata%\ease solutions\Office to Jira Integration


To easier identify issues in the communication and data quality, the Excel Plugin can create logfile on demand:

  • Enable "Write Debug Logs" in the instance settings

  • Get the file "excel-log.txt" from "%appdata%\ease solutions\Office to Jira Integration" folder

  • "excel-log.txt.*" are older files, up to five files stored.