CM4J - Context Manager for JIRA


CM4J - Context Manager for Jira Documentation

CM4J is a native Jira add-on that extends Jira with features allowing project administrators to manage “custom field contexts”. This functionality is normally reserved for the Jira administrator. 
This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you take full advantage of the features of CM4J.





Certain types of Jira custom fields can have default values and defined lists of options, and these can be customized for individual projects. Normally, only the global Jira administrator has the permission to perform such actions, which leads to bottlenecks, as projects develop individual and diverging needs for customization.

CM4J extends the permission for this form of administration to project administrators, allowing them to directly customize the fields in their own projects according to their own needs, and thus eliminating the bottleneck.

Key Features

  • Project administrators can directly specify the default values of custom fields for their projects.

  • Project administrators can directly specify the values of custom field options.

  • Jira administrators can specify which custom fields are enabled for such project administration.

  • A migration tool is provided to Jira administrators, allowing them to back out of such project customization and return to globally set values when it is no longer desirable.



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