Customization of the coverage export is available starting R4J 4.0.

Locating the coverage export template

This change does not require a Jira instance restart. After editing the template, you should be able to export from coverage view with it.

You can download the default coverage template below and put it on the directory stated previously: 

R4J CompatibilityCoverage TemplateNotes
R4J 4.6 - latestcoverage-template.xlsxSelected display fields in coverage view are automatically included in the exported file.
R4J 4.2 - R4J 4.5coverage-template.xlsx (Version 2)Number of issues and coverage completeness values are included in the column headers of the exported file.
R4J 4.1.5 belowcoverage-template.xlsx (Version 1)First version.

Template Language

The template language elements in the Excel Template are declared through an opening [[ marker and a closing ]] marker.

Currently, the template language only supports the context item types as stated in the next section. 

Context Item Types

Context-items are evaluated and ultimately result in a text, boolean and number.