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All fields of the following custom field types can now be used in any view that allows to select "Display Fields"

  • Select List (Single Choice)
  • Select List (Multiple Choice)
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Labels
  • Number Field
  • Select List (cascading)
  • URL field
  • User Picker (single user)
Tree ViewREQ-6582BugfixFixed an issue where the header of child requirements move when dragging
Tree ViewREQ-6585BugfixFixed an issue where the status field is not shown in the tree view
Coverage ViewREQ-6620BugfixFixed an issue where issues in the coverage view are displayed in the wrong row
Coverage ViewREQ-6631BugfixFixed an issue where the export to word fails
Coverage ViewREQ-6687BugfixFixed an issue where the browser hangs when loading the coverage view
Coverage ViewREQ-6700BugfixFixed an issue where links/icons are missing in the coverage view header
Coverage ViewREQ-6432BugfixFixed an issue where text rendering is not working correctly with unusually long words in the summary
Coverage ViewREQ-6126BugfixAll fields that are selected as Display Fields are not exported correctly