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R4J allows project administrators, as well as Jira Administrators, to restrict the various permissions of individual projects to user groups, roles, specific users, and more. This is possible to do via the Jira Project Permission Scheme.

In your Jira project’s permission scheme, all permissions prefixed with “[R4J]“ are the R4J Permissions that will take effect in the corresponding activated R4J projects associated to the scheme.

To make clear the terminology used throughout the documentation:

  • Old permissions refer to the R4J permissions outside of Jira project permission schemes which are located in R4J project administration page.

  • New permissions refer to the R4J permissions integrated with the Jira project permission scheme which are documented in this page.

If your R4J project is still using old permissions, you can use new permissions by enabling the Use Jira Project Permission Scheme in R4J project settings. This feature is available from R4J version 4.15 onwards.

🖥️ The following video explains the differences between the old and new approaches to R4J permissions: Requirements Management for Jira: Managing R4J Permissions.

Table of Contents

New Permissions Reference


The new permissions have a few differences from the old permissions. Go through the “Old Permission Counterpart“ column to evaluate them.

The default access granted to all R4J project permissions is Any logged in user.

Project Permission


Old Permission Counterpart

[R4J] Create, Edit, and Move Tree Items

To create, edit, and move folders, issues, and


pages in the tree.

Merged from Tree Item Permissions category

  • Create / Modify

  • Move

[R4J] Delete Tree Items

To delete folders, issues, and


pages in the tree.

Tree Item Permissions → Delete

[R4J] Create and Edit Coverage and Traceability Views

To create and edit coverage and traceability view configurations.

Create Views Permissions → Create / Modify

[R4J] Save Public Coverage and Traceability Views

To save public coverage and traceability views.

Create Views Permissions → Save Public Views


Create Views Permissions → Save Private Views

  • This is no longer supported in new permissions. All R4J users are entitled to create their personal views.

[R4J] Manage Scheduling Rules

To create, edit, and delete rules for scheduled adding of issues.

Merged from Scheduling Permissions category

  • Create

  • Delete

[R4J] View Baselines

To view baselines.

Baseline Permissions → View

[R4J] Create and Edit Baselines

To create and edit baselines.

Merged from Baseline Permissions category

  • Create

  • Modify

[R4J] Delete Baselines

To delete baselines.

Baseline Permissions → Delete

[R4J] Import ReqIF

To import ReqIF files.


[R4J] Export

To export from the tree, coverage, traceability, and baseline views.

Merged “Export” permissions from all old permission categories