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R4J provides certain custom field types in order to allow R4J specific information to be included in standard Jira views. This information is also available in R4J Word and Excel export templates. We explain here the steps that a Jira administrator must take to make the fields available in Jira.

Table of Contents

Enabling R4J custom fields in Jira

The procedure for a Jira Administrator to create and add R4J custom fields in Jira is exactly the same as the procedure for any other custom fields:

  • A custom field of the desired type must first be created. See the next section for the available types.

  • The custom field must then be added to the Field and Screen Configurations that are used by R4J enabled projects.

For further information, see Configuring Fields.

We strongly recommend that you add the fields to the field blacklist to avoid unwanted information in the revision history.

R4J Custom Field Types

The following read-only custom fields types are available.

The field content is calculated at view only, so the fields can not be used in a fitler filter (JQL) query.

Field Type

Recommended Field Name

Recommended Renderer


R4J Path

R4J Paths


Provides the requirement paths of the issue.
🖥️ The following video explains this field in more detail: Requirements Management for Jira: R4J Path Custom Field.

R4J Issue Revision

R4J Num Revisions


Provides the number of revisions of the issue, with the first state of requirement counted as 1.

R4J Suspect

R4J Suspect Change


Describes the last change that triggered a suspect logic rule involving the requirement.


A custom field with the name “R4J Suspect” is automatically created when at least one suspect rule is active and a suspect mark is set on a link of an issue in an R4J project. If you delete this custom field while there are still active suspect rules, it will be automatically recreated and, if you want to make it available in issues, you will need to redo the Field and Screen Configurations and rename the field if desired.


The field names given in the table are recommended but not mandatory. You are free to choose whatever names suit the organization best.